Premier Aesthetics and Functional Medicine Solution

ReGEN Medical is an aesthetics medical spa and functional medicine center in Cranston, Rhode Island, that services the essential connection between being looking great and feeling well.  Our aim is to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and the aesthetics industry, providing a total wellness solution. We provide a wide range of aesthetic, functional medicine, and cosmetic services designed to deliver impressive and lasting results. From hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)and medically guided IV nutrition to aesthetic injectables, skin resurfacing, laser hair removal and HydraFacial you will truly see and feel the difference.

The Right Treatments for Your Needs

The staff at our medical aesthetics spa and wellness center take the time to listen about your specific needs, goals, desires.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” mold to get an individual to feel great about themselves, be healthy, look younger and feel incredible. Whether you are looking for better skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles, searching for medical weight loss, battling hormonal deficiencies or even looking for that hangover cure, every patient requires a unique and tailored treatment plan. Making our patients happy and healthy is our primary goal. At ReGen Medical, health and wellness is our fuel and beauty, looking great and confidence is our result.

How are we able to be so confident in the work we provide? Because we are always staying up-to-date on the latest treatments in aesthetics, pain management, aesthetics, and bioidentical hormonal replacement therapies. This includes adding new services to our medical spa as updated treatments become available, including IV nutrition therapies.

Your Total Wellness Solution

Please, don’t wait. Come on in for a tour of our facility or call us to schedule a consultation with one of our providers. We are so eager to meet you begin your path to a newer, better and more confident you. Have any questions about the services we provide? Feel free to contact us and schedule your first visit.

Conditions and issues we treat

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal Deficiencies
  • Cellulite
  • Acne
  • Anti Aging
  • Body Hair
  • Fungus
  • Spider Veins
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scaring
  • Adipose (Fat)

Contact us for more information about scheduling an appointment with our aesthetics and functional medicine center. We look forward to providing cosmetic, aesthetic, and functional medicine to clients located in the surrounding Southern New England Areas.

Some of what we do

  • Injectables (Fillers and Botox)
  • Hydrafacial
  • Medical Facials and Peels
  • Microdemabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • Laser Treatment
    • Permanent Hair Reduction
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Fungus Treatment
    • Laser Vein Treatment
  • Latisse
  • Mesotherapy/Carboxytherapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Medical Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Non-Narcotic Pain Management