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Functional Medicine in Cranston, RI

How your body is functioning as a whole can play a big part in how you feel as a whole. While many holistic treatments end up focusing on very specific organs, imbalances, or issues, our medical spa’s functional medicine in Cranston, RI, is designed to treat the body as a whole.

The functional medicine doctor at ReGEN Medical treats your body’s entire integrated system using holistic medicine and treatments. This helps us get to the root of the aliments that you are suffering from and begin treating them so you can feel better, look better, and maximize your potential. Find healthy solutions for your body by scheduling an appointment with our functional medicine clinic.

From bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy to IV infusions changing the way we look at our health is the goal. Managing symptoms is important for your day-to-day life, but understanding to true cause behind your problems is the key to achieving a lasting solution.

Feel Like Yourself Again

Are you finding yourself with less energy than you used to have? Maybe you just know that your body is capable of doing much more? With the help of our functional medicine treatments, you are able to rejuvenate your body’s entire integrated system of organs and functions. This is a total wellness approach that maximizes your athletic potential and helps you feel like you again!

A combination of nutritional coaching and holistic medicine, our functional medicine services is designed to meet the needs of your body so you can begin to see real results in how you feel on a daily basis. Our services are also great for helping you treat many common symptoms and conditions, including thyroid problems and low testosterone. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about how we can assist you.

An Improved Well-Being

At our functional medicine clinic, we are always looking for new and improved ways to help you live the happier, healthier life you deserve. Through our treatments and nutritional coaching, we are able to not only improve the functionality of your body, but also assist you in achieving health goals you might have struggled to reach before.

Through our treatments, you might find yourself being able to improve your athletic performance, improve hormonal imbalances, or even begin the process towards successful smoking cessation. Just let us know what goals you have for your functional medicine treatments and we will create a program that helps you reach them.

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Athletic Support and recovery

Being a top-tier or professional athlete and balancing that job with the rigors of every day life, school or family is no small task. Top performing athletes are doing everything they can to get them to the next level.  Many times this can come at the cost of their long-term health and often we don’t take into account how each of us has a different genetic makeup. There is no such thing as a generalized fitness and nutrition program.  Stamina, strength and recovery are the three circles of performance that determine an athletes success and these are our key focuses.

Are you maxing out your genetic potential? We all have different deficiencies and, while all of our bodies function the same in a very basic way, we each have different assets that make us better and sometimes worse than the competition.  Following a full medical evaluation, we create an athletes baseline.  From there we put our athletes on a NCAA and professionally cleared treatment plan that is tailored to a persons individual sport, schedule, frequency of training and recovery time.  Having the stamina and strength to compete is important, but impossible without an individualized functional recovery plan.

What are some of the treatment options? After we understand your allergies, intolerance and deficiencies we work with you to create a custom nutrition plan.  Whether you are a professional runner, a hockey player, or body builder, there are different goals to achieve and foods to avoid. After we have a baseline nutrition plan we may introduce natural injections, IV nutrition and other recovery methods to put you in a position to be the best you can be.  The rest is on you to train hard, compete, recover and be compliant.  Being the best is never going to be easy, but its going to be a lot easier knowing what your genetic potential and deficiencies are and to train smarter, not harder.

For athletes looking for functional training along with a plan of treatment we have partnerships with the best in the industry or we will work along side your current training professional as a team.  Give us a call or email us to learn more and get in for a consult.

Contact us to learn functional ways to improve your performance and treat chronic illnesses. Our functional medicine treatments are available to clients located throughout the Rhode Island, area.